Jessica Granderson

Jessica Granderson

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Dr. Jessica Granderson is a Staff Scientist and interim director of the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She is a member of the Whole Building Systems Department. Dr. Granderson holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and an AB in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University. Her research focuses on energy management and information systems (EMIS), fault diagnostics and control, and advanced measurement and verification. She is the recipient of the 2015 Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) Award for Leadership in Research, and the 2020 Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer, and was a 2020 Women @ the Lab honoree. From 2021-2022 Dr. Granderson served as the Director for Building Technology at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

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    Day 1 August 15, 2023
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    Moving Beyond Fault Detection & Diagnostics

    Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) is now rather commonplace across commercial and institutional buildings working to identify abnormal operations of HVAC systems. Where do building managers and operators go from here? This session will offer a stimulating look at the next steps in technology and practice to improve building system performance and longevity. Panelists will detail their work demonstrating how FDD output can be utilized to create data driven maintenance tools that can automatically correct controls hunting faults. The panel will also cover new tools that enable AI technology for autonomous building operations. In addition, this panel will highlight expertise at applying augmented intelligence for performance at both the building and campus scale. Finally, the group will look at developments in ASHRAE Guideline 36, the best practice for high performance sequence of operations. This session is a must for anyone faced with the daily challenge of making building systems work well.