Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor

Building4Health, Inc (B4H)

    Dr. Stephanie Taylor received her MD from Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, followed by clinical practice in Pediatric Oncology. During her care of hospitalized patients, she recognized that the building and indoor air could be a powerful factor in patient infections. As she struggled to understand building design and indoor air management, she recognized a big gap in her knowledge. To fill this gap, Dr. Taylor returned to school to get a Master’s Degree in Architecture. After working in a healthcare architecture firm for several years to gain experience designing hospitals, Dr. Taylor founded Taylor Healthcare Consulting, Inc. to focus on designing, building and maintaining hospitals and other commercial buildings with the explicit goal of optimizing human health and productivity. During this time, she realized that there was little medical data on how the indoor environment affects human physiology. The next chapter in Dr. Taylor’s work was to found Building4Health, Inc (B4H) in 2020. B4H has created a sensor suite, analytical platform and occupant dashboard which makes visible the complex relationship between the indoor environment and human health– thus allowing a determination of whether an indoor ecosystem has a positive or negative impact on inhabitant health. Dr. Taylor is on multiple international advisory boards for indoor air standards, is a Harvard Medical School Incite Health Fellowship, an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, member of the Epidemic Task Force, Environmental Health Committee, and Infectious Disease Advisory Board. When not working on understanding the relationship between the built environment and occupant health, Dr. Taylor loves to skydive and hang out with her seven dogs at her home in Stowe, Vermont.

    All Sessions by Stephanie Taylor

    Day 2 August 16, 2023
    1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    Indoor Environmental Quality

    While the Covid pandemic certainly shined a bright light on the importance of healthy indoor environments, creating and maintaining indoor environmental quality has a pre-Covid history and a post-Covid challenge. The ROI of health and comfort conditions is expressed in employee recruitment, retention, and productivity. This session will explore the lessons learned from this reinvigorated focus on healthy indoor air and technologies that were deployed during the pandemic and their measured or perceived benefits.

    Day Two August 23, 2022
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    Return to Work – Achieving and Maintaining Indoor Environmental Quality

    As employees return to work, there are increased expectations concerning a healthy indoor environment. Two case studies will explore how smart, data-driven approaches to IEQ are providing for demonstrated and persistent improvement in IEQ. The session will explore how rating systems can contribute, and a wider group of SMEs will join in a moderated discussion.

    Day One August 24, 2021
    1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

    Post-Covid Occupancy: A Data Driven Approach to Indoor Air Quality

    As organizations re-occupy their buildings post-Covid, they do so with a renewed focus on their indoor environments and how indoor air quality affects building occupants. Building owners and operators want to achieve healthy building objectives with a sustainable, measurable, and actionable strategy for indoor air quality. An expert panel will discuss best practices for IAQ data collection and utilization to monitor, improve, verify, and certify indoor air quality performance. This is a must hear conversation for commercial and institutional real estate organizations who want a smart approach to post-Covid occupancy of buildings.