Trevor Sodoroff

Trevor Sodoroff

DB Engineering

    As director of engineering analytics at DB, I help drive the company’s technical capabilities for getting and using data. Access to data and understanding how to use it enables us to help improve the entire industry beyond traditional engineering alone. I want to upend our industry, and free people from mundane tasks that machines can and should be taught to do for us. Given a whiteboard, I can explain almost anything to anyone, and you won’t see a whiteboard in our office without one of my schematics or diagrams on it. I enjoy skiing, writing, and producing music, and I like burritos. A lot.

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    Day Two August 23, 2022
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    Data Analytics – Making Smart Actionable

    Building data becomes actionable when good analytics are applied and made useful to facility managers/operators. This session will have two case study presentations which demonstrate this followed by a larger SME moderated panel.